Full album “transience” out now!

I am very happy to finally announce the release of the full album “transience”. After starting in february this year and a few setbacks, I ended up with 13 songs in 53 minutes, released on friday, december 13.

At first my target was to publish 10 songs, but then this summer “nothing” came along. In autumn “make my day” and “legacy” stretched the plan. But in the end I managed to reach my goal and publish all songs this year.

And now? I’m pimping some of my guitars, switch pickups an polish some frets. After that, time will show how things are going. I hope you enjoy my songs and wish you all the best! Let me know what you think on my social media channels :-).

Listen to the opener “This World” here: https://mx3.ch/corpusabsens

Here’s the “transience” songlist:

This World05:58
Make my Day04:40
Cool Today04:32
Turn Away 03:19
The Light03:33
Weight of the World02:37

“make my day” released today!

six months after my first release it’s time to throw out some new stuff. “make my day” has been released today on all major platforms. 

“make my day” is a call to all people who are going through difficult times and struggle to stand up again. if they have the courage to stand up – they’ll “make my day”. better said than done, I know. but always worth a try.

this song has not always been my first choice as the second single release. “turn away” was my favorite for almost five months – but choices change. turn away will be on the full album, released on december 13 this year.

Until then, make your day with “make my day”!
yours, tom

you will find this song here:

upcoming releases!

Our new single “make my day” will be released on friday november 22, 2019.

And if this doesn’t make your day, then this will:

…and we can’t wait for the final release this year – the full album “transience” with 13 sizzling tracks. There is no better release day than friday the 13th this december.

We wish you two great “release fridays”!